Vasu Primlani,  Indian stand-up comedian and international environmentalist, in Chandigarh.
photo by Sandeep Sahdev

About Vasu Primlani

Vasu Primlani is a celebrated speaker, social entrepreneur, actor (her latest film was Badrinath ki Dulhaniya), environmentalist, professor (IIT, XIMB, University of Michigan, USC), somatic therapist, triathlete, social entrepreneur, and is one of India’s leading comedians.

Often called “India’s Ellen” and “India’s Louis CK”, she conducts college shows, public comedy shows, corporate comedy shows and motivational talks, police training, group and individual therapies. She has hosted and headlined thousands of shows in the US, India, Dubai, and London. She has been featured on the cover of Triathlete magazine, US.

Her most viral videos have been: A for Allahabad (combined views: 1.6M in one week),

Dear China, We Ain’t Buying your Fake News, Ubola (Uber+Ola). Her showreel is a demonstration of her international comedy shows. She typically gets more views on Facebook than on YouTube.

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