Standup Comedy

Fireball stage persona

The Mint     

Has her audiences hanging on her punchlines

The Times of India

Mischievous and defiant


Vasu Primlani? Never heard of her.

President Barrack Obama

Vasu Primlani’s Comedy

Vasu is known for her sublte and physical humor. She is an international comedian who has produced several viral videos (A for Allahabad 1.6M views in 1 week)  Vasu Primlani Showreel, Uber + Ola = UbolaDelhi Vs. Mumbai Men, China we ain’t buying your fake news, Demonetization).

Diversity corporate talk: the Power of No.


Children’s Comedy

Vasu Primlani has also created a children’s comedy character, called Tinda Badal, who teaches children by doing the wrong thing. This comedy incorporates civic sense, gender equality, the environment, respecting objects and space. Children have to tell Tinda Badal why what he is doing is wrong, and what he can do to do the right thing.


Headliner and one hour shows

Headlined and performed in the US, UAE, England and India. The Comedy Store, NY comedy club, Rooster T Feather, SF Punchline, and hundreds of corporate shows.

Corporate Speaker

Training and motivational talks

Her clients include: HT, TOI, IVCA, Axis Bank, Accenture, Invesco, CapGemini, Facebook, Canadian High Commission, African Ambassadors to India, the Park, Celebrity Cruises, among others.

Tinda Badal

Kid’s Comedy

Tinda Badal is a naughty little sikh boy. He gets everything wrong. But he is secretly very wise – he makes children show him what is wrong and what is right. One hour show.

To Book Vasu

Please contact us with details of your event date, duration of show, nature of show (corporate speaker, corporate show, public, school, kids), and your budget. Vasu Primlani’s office will get back to you.