Testimonial 1

What Vasu’s healing has done for me is invaluable. It has started to move me from being in a chronic and deep trauma state to slowly but steadily towards a healed, happy  and complete person. It’s been a combination of using strong intuition of what a person needs, reading the body, really listening to and acknowledging the hurt in someone and using somatic therapy, psychiatry, acupressure, child regression therapy and a loving touch, but the foundation of it all is trust. You have to trust your healer with your life, with your madness, with your deepest vulnerabilities; that trust has to be earned and once it’s there, that itself provides healing for embracing life anew.
This kind of healing has the potential to really bring about deep transformation in human beings and eventually society because once you heal, you naturally feel like healing others. It is beautiful and Vasu has given me this gift. Everyone is carrying trauma — most of all those who inflict damage on others but they are hardest to get to and heal. Many barriers have to be crossed with them. Yet, healing at the individual and collective level is the only way we will eventually rid ourselves of hatred and violence because once it’s gone inside you, it will not manifest externally.
–             Ayesha Khan, 37, single, female, development professional, Delhi

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Testimonial 2

My son who had ADHD was afraid of the dark, and he would go to sleep on school days at 11 or 11:30 pm. During the winter holidays at 1:00 am or a bit later. And he would wake up a few times after.
After two sessions of somatic therapy, now he sleeps by 10 or 10:30 pm and wakes up after 9:00 am on weekends, and at 7:45 am for school. So he sleeps between 8 and 10 hours each night.
The dark circles and bags under his eyes are gone.
On days he is off meds he is active and naughty but not aggressive as he had become.
 – Mum of an ADHD child, Gurgaon

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Testimonial 3

I gave her birth, but you gave her a new life (the child was unable to accept touch, even from her mother, even a caress to the forehead. If you point at her, her body would start shaking).
– Mother of a daughter who’d been raped for years by her sibling

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Somatic Therapy

‘Soma’ means body (as in psychosomatic). A lot of our trauma and stress are stored in our body, and sometimes, if the individual is overwhelmed, the mind and the body go in different directions.s

Even allopathic medicine acknowledges that at least 90% of all disease is psychosomatic in nature. Vasu Primlani has developed experience over ten years working on cases of depression, suicide attempts, self harm, ADHD, rape, and has recently worked with her first client who had raped a woman.

Somatic therapy is deeply transformative and works to neutralize idiopathic ailments, and restoring self-confidence, self-esteem, and allow the person to be a functioning adult again.

Vasu Primlani was trained in San Francisco in somatics and trauma.

More on somatic therapy here and here.

Vasu Primlani,  Indian stand-up comedian and international environmentalist, in Chandigarh.
photo by Sandeep Sahdev

Take charge of your well being

A lot of trauma is caused because of a lack of good boundaries. A lot of Vasu’s clients struggle to love themselves, and often harbor feelings of inadequacy, self-hatred and doubt. All these can be neutralized and a person can be restored to the original self of peace, self-love, and trust.